Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sorry for all the late replies, thank you for your understanding(:

Tags replied:
Pearlina: Hey you still got the star pencil case that you mentioned? (:
cuteboxers>> hi! yup, i have, however, it's not the material of the heart hot pink one(: do you still want it? you can sms me at 91375391. (:

hj: hihi, do u still sell boxers?
cuteboxers>> hi, yup, we still do. you interested? you can email me at or give me your email(:

apple: how much is it? ( the hot pink star hoodie)
cuteboxers>> It's S$15.50 only. (: you interested? email me at or give me your email(:

TLD: Hey, i have mailed you, please checK.
cuteboxers>> mailed you(:

Venny: hi ! do u hv stitch boxers? =D do email me at venny1010 (AT) pls & tq !
cuteboxers>> orh, i have to check it out(: why don't you give me your number. sms me at 91375391(:

dk: not from sgapore..can i order?
cuteboxers>> maybe you can mail me the items and i shall decide from there?(:

Shopnonsto-p: Mail me! I wanna get the hotpink hearts pencil case.
cuteboxers>> hi. i'm afriad that it's currently oos. sorry!

tld: trades for grey skinny? is the boxers here?
cuteboxers>> Hi, maybe you can consider purchasing it? i can charge you with a discount tgt with the boxers(: btw, for the boxers, my manufacturer says the materials are oos, thus you may have to wait. maybe you can consider purchasing the others first?(:


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